Oh Say Can You See Red White & Blue BUTTONS?

Didn’t we just finish celebrating Easter!? I’m always surprised how soon another holiday approaches and without warning! To me Memorial Day gives me the push to get ready for summer! Yet I know that we all need to remember our service men and woman who have served and died in our military service protecting the United States.

Todays blog is revisiting and introducing you to the wonderful assortment of red, white and blue buttons that we have in our line. Whether you shop via our on-line store or visit your favorite craft store that carries our buttons it’s not too late to create your patriotic button craft item. Or maybe this is a push for our next holiday – Fourth of July! It all works together.


For some you may remember these projects and for others we hope we can inspire you to create your special Memorial Day Project – whether it be with buttons, ribbons or maybe your you opt to just be inspired for the next holiday!


Button & Ribbon Wreath


Decorative Button Centerpiece!

                   IMG_1064         IMG_1096

This could have gone either way – jars just filled with buttons or add “cupcake wrappers” medallions embellished with buttons!

Here are some of the buttons that were used in the above projects….


Favorite Findings™ BIG Bag of Buttons 


Favorite Findings™ White, Red and Blue

https://shop.buttons.com/550000402-p/550000402.htm; https://shop.buttons.com/550000403-p/550000403.htmhttps://shop.buttons.com/550000405-p/550000405.htm


Assorted Favorite Findings™ Buttons in multi sizes along with La Mode® Buttons…

Check out the many patriotic buttons we have available on our web site (click on the link above).


Buttons in Red, White & Blue https://shop.buttons.com/jars-of-buttons-s/1890.htm

Here are some additional buttons in their original package to help you locate them easier in your search…


Favorite Findings™ Big Bag of Buttons


Favorite Findings™…https://shop.buttons.com/550000429-p/550000429.htm;   https://shop.buttons.com/550000499-p/550000499.htm

IMG_4189 (630x473)

Favorite Findings™ Gems…https://shop.buttons.com/550001210-p/550001210.htmIMG_4198

The Button Artist  – this can be a fun project we provide you with the buttons and beads.

IMG_5127 (630x473)

https://shop.buttons.com/100005824-p/100005824.htm    https://shop.buttons.com/100005810-p/100005810.htm   https://shop.buttons.com/100005823-p/100005823.htm

Available in Red, White & Blue Colors

IMG_4195 (375x500)

And lets not forget our New 100 Buttons…


   IMG_4204     IMG_4201  IMG_4202

  La Mode Button  JHB Buttons  Funtastics


And of course our Crafting with Buttons…

And if this didn’t put you in the patriotic mood here is some additional inspiration…from home décor, RTW, Food, jewelry…


                          f2bff5f452194c00f7eb482402711e2b     14256caa08588acc7cbef5a4b91bc70d


                                    d0446d9a7df4371dfbd73e587f67c22f       bcd5f7860927739c4c6119cb9a781c43


                               fb86f38a08914244064be87f4db5a289       928a0b3e61b95d416afcb16382d965ce

                           b2bbae9d5558420d5fc6ac3c825d1d99     ad9d3ac01428f545017d9667e0bef8cf

                              dec9769ec4a43ba8ca8a1a1ce74ef7af         7c22298750f50504bf3e731c24c330fd


From our family to yours –  we wish you Happy & Crafty Memorial Day!

Happy Crafting

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