Patriotic Button & Ribbon Flag

Are you ready to celebrate the Fourth of July? I sure am and with summer officially here let the festivities begin!  So with that said, today I’m sharing with you a project I’ve had my eye on for some time and with all our button & ribbon stash I was able to complete it! The plus to this project is that it’s a No Sew Project!

IMG_4388 (225x500)

So with that said let’s get started…All product that I’m listing (buttons and ribbon) are available on our websites and also at JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store.

Materials: Favorite Findings Big Bag of Buttons 550002008
OFFRAY RIBBON: Red & White assorted sizes, texture and print; OFFRAY Ribbon Lace; Navy ribbon
Denim fabric (1/4 yard)
Wood dowel (approximately 36″); White craft paint and brush; glue adhesive; scissors; embroidery floss & needle

To begin cut your fabric to the desired size you want to work with (remember there is no right or wrong).

IMG_4337 (465x500)


Favorite Findings Big Bag of Buttons 550002008 – as you can see these come in red, white and blue  assorted sizes! You’ll have left over but I’m sure you can find plenty of projects to create! Check out all our Patriotic buttons – you can surely use plain white buttons or any combinations you want!

Lay your buttons out on the fabric – for this I did use 50 button stars in assorted sizes and shapes.  Here’s a helpful hint dab a small amount of glue to the back of your button, place on fabric and let dry. Stitch them on with your red embroidery floss.

IMG_4338 (375x500)IMG_4339 (375x500)


IMG_4378 (438x500)

Once you’ve completed sewing/stitching your going to “glue” your denim onto a wide (I used a 7/8″ swiss dot red ribbon for this project) ribbon.  Remember to glue your denim fabric to the left side of the project  (this is the correct way to show the stars when hanging).

Also note – I left fabric “frayed” on the edges.  You can stitch around edges also.

At this point locate your dowel/pole and with your white paint (optional step) paint the ends white approximate 3 inches on either side). Then with your navy ribbon wrap pole and finish end with glue to hold.  You can wrap your pole completely in ribbon.

Next step is prep: cut all your ribbon to approximately 36 inches in length.  You can go back later to trim off excess for scrap.


As you can see you will need several rolls of ribbon! Remember to have fun – JoAnn stores have a great selection of our Offray ribbon and select ribbon with dots/stripes, lace, rick rack, pom poms! Check and see what you have in your stash – even if you have ribbon that’s too short stitch them together to create a longer piece.

IMG_4379 (500x500)

Moving on… this is where your glue will be used.  Lift your denim panel up and run a bead of glue along the the edge of the denim.  Begin adding your ribbon…

IMG_4380 (630x557)

Once you’re done it will look a bit like the above! As you can see the wide assortment available. The rick rack and mini pom pom trim were extras I had lying around! Let this dry. Lay another ribbon ontop to cover the edge of the ribbon…

IMG_4382 (351x500)

Run a bead of glue to cover

IMG_4383 (472x500)

I decided to add pom pom trim along the top!

IMG_4381 (630x572)

Here’s a closer look of the great assortment of red ribbon Offray has to offer!

IMG_4396 (375x500)

Add stacked buttons to the ends along with ribbon!

The next step is optional – hang your flag and with scissors begin trimming/layering your ribbon.  BUT do cut your ribbon ends to give them a neater and cleaner look.

Add ribbon as a “hanger” and you’re ready to display!

With the ribbon you’ve trimmed off – you can add these to the ends of your pole!

IMG_4397 (630x473)

IMG_4395 (630x473)

Here’s a good shot of how I tucked the ribbon under the buttons!

IMG_4394 (278x500)

And with that let the festivities begin!

Here are some additional flags I found of Pinterest for inspiration…

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