Pumpkin Button Gift Bag

Tis the season – no not that one…the one where everyone (from young to our young at heart!) get dressed and go from house to house Trick or Treating!

So I created this cute Halloween tote/gift bag from scratch – yes, it probably would have gone quicker if I bought a premade and then added the buttons – but not me! I wanted one from scratch and this is what I created and so can you!


  • Favorite Findings Felt Bag of Buttons #2034
  • Favorite Findings – Autumn Leaves #1433
  • La Mode Buttons – #31955; #31956; #2001 (natural & black buttons)
  • Felt 9×12″ – (1) – orange; heather green; (3) black
  • Pumpkin Pattern (google search)
  • Embroidery floss & needle
  • Seed beads
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Stuffing (I actually use small cotton balls)

Aren’t these great!

With a pencil I traced the pumpkin onto my orange felt and cut out. Layed out my face pattern and then stitched with seed beads.  You can add fabric glue if you like.

Next, I laid out the rest of my pattern placing the flowers along the bottom of my pumpkin (leaves came later!).

Okay now I’m ready to begin stitching – yes that’s right everything was stitched.  I used a blanket stich around the pumpkin and then for the flowers I used some french knots and straight stiches…

Don’t forget the buttons – use them in the center of your flowers.  Add leaves.

Once you’ve stitched your leaves on – you can begin measuring the the sides and bottom of your bag. Since my black felt was a 9 x 12, I kept the sides the same length. The width was only 2 inches, also remember for the bottom of my tote I had added an extra 1″ on either side so it wraps over as shown in the photo.

So before you add the neck of the pumpkin don’t forget to stuff the pumpkin! For this project I actually did use cotton balls (it’s what I had lying around the office). You can use poly-fill. Once you’be filled the pumpkin – remember you need to add the neck (stump) – I also added cotton in the neck.

Remember to also add some leaves and buttons and beads.

Here are some additional photos…

Enjoy creating your special treat bag – remember to check out the great assortment of Halloween Buttons available at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores!



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