Quilt Market Prepping 2012

Prepping for Quilt Market can have it’s benefits – the research is really tedious! Looking through ALL those assorted Quilts! Yes indeed…my vocal chords had a work out from saying “OOOh, AAAAh” everytime I opened a new page… editing

This time of year we are thrusted into many Art & Craft shows in our area and Liane (fellow co-worker) happen to attend one and met this young lady – Rita Cupano who happens to own her own shop The Cherry Hat… She selected one of her pieces “Scribble Flowers” and saw potential (although it looked great without buttons!) Why not add some COLOR!

Here is Rita Caputo’s original “Scribble Flower” quilt:

I embellished it with our BUTTONS from our BUTTON JAR Program…

So if color is what you want!? This is the way to go…Granted I could have added more and that still may happen – but for now…I think Scribble Flowers will stay as is!

If you are in the Houston area this weekend – please stop by and take a look at the GALLERY of Quilts we’ve collected and embellished!

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