Replacing Raincoat Buttons

Here at the Blumenthal Button Factory, we are literally swimming in buttons. Surfing, on a good day. Which is really convenient when you have an outfit that you want to switch buttons out for!  If you need some raincoat buttons we have a ton of big buttons available in our La Mode line and many other brands as well.

My fellow button factory coworker asked me to stitch on some funtastic glitzy buttons to her black raincoat since we have been bombarded by rain the last couple of weeks. I love glamming up a basic jacket or outfit by changing the buttons — it can make such a difference! Go to any thrift shop, pick out an old jacket with potential, switch out the buttons, and I guarantee it will totally rock with the rest of your modern clothes. 😉

Take a look at Crickets’s old raincoat and the fun buttons we added to it! I used La Mode 20540. I did the same with our new Naturals Buttons line for my Spring coat a few weeks back! 

raincoat original
raincoat closeup

La Mode 20540

La Mode 20540

These buttons are great because they have a bling factor to them without being overdone. They added a bit of shine to cricket’s rain coat!!

coat rebuttonednaturals close up

La Mode Naturals 4289

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