Sharpies and Buttons

We have many creative people here in our Blumenthal Lansing Co. office and many of our desks have a Sharpie marker somewhere! So I went through our collections of buttons to find ones that could easily be doodled on with Sharpies! I asked each of our creative-thinkers to doodle something… anything they wanted with Sharpies! I thought this could be fun, and why not? It makes a great personalized button and whether you are doing this for crafts or fashion the results can be fun! I do suggest you use new Sharpies with new tips as buttons might be considered a small canvas!!

Using Sharpies on buttons is so much fun!

These are the results of our doodle buttons:

Sharpies and Buttons!

This was doodled by our Creative Director Elise…

This colorful Poppy design was done by our crafter and blogger Helen!
Helens Button Doodle

This doodle was done by yours truly… this button is the same Elise used. It is our 2-inch wood button from La Mode – style #31977. SUPER easy to draw on… Elise drew on the front, I drew on the back of it so they may seem like different buttons.
Cricket's Doodle

This is the same wood button Helen used: La Mode wood buttons style #31113 (These buttons are 1 1/4 inch). We also have a slightly smaller size of this button #31112 it is only 1 inch.
Sharpie La Mode Buttons

This is from our Bliss line – a pearlized pack of white buttons. They really are beautiful in person, and very nice to draw on. The markers do not smudge after a few minutes of drying and the fact that they are pearlized shows right through when you use light colors. I love this effect!
Pearl Bliss Buttons with doodles

Some cool black and white doodles done by our blogger Taylor… she used La Mode white glossy buttons #46868.
black and white doodles

Taylor and I also found Favorite Findings Matte buttons to doodle on! These are a great texture and come in different sizes and light colors which makes it even more fun to create with!
Draw on our Matte Buttons

We hope you liked our Sharpie fun entry! If you doodle on a button would you please show us and submit it to our community gallery?

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