Summer fun with Buttons!

The summer is here, and the heat is on! I have been spending so much money quenching my thirst with cola slushies and pistachio ice cream (at least a five minute buffer between each serving, of course!) that I have no budget left for my beautiful Kate Spade and Louis Vuitton summer bags! – But who am I kidding? I wouldn’t have budget for those things anyway!
Luckily we have Pinterest to solve all of our problems! After searching through ideas for revamping all of my existing summer clothes and accessories from last year, I found quite a bit of fun and simple DIY projects that are perfect for this summer. First of all, sunglasses are a hot item this year and what’s even hotter are these incredibly adorable embellished sunglasses that are filling up DIY blogs across the internet.

DIY sunglasses

Aren’t these the cutest things you’ve ever laid your eyes on? and in!

How I Embellished Sunglasses using Buttons

I decided to make a pair of my own using our very own Flower Garden buttons. I chose the black flowers (#4808) to go with a pair of black polka dot sunglasses I got on sale for three bucks at a local department store. It’s all about the bargain shopping! 😉

All you need to make yourself a pair of blooming specs are several Flower Garden shank buttons of your choice, a shank remover, some craft glue, and a cute pair of sunglasses! Vintage styles are great for this look.
Remove the shank on the back of the button with a shank remover as shown in the photo, making sure to cover with one hand as you cut so no pieces fly at your lovely sunkissed face!
sunglasses beforeflower garden

button shank remover
flower button
Simply attached the button onto the top rim of your sunglasses with craft glue. Add as little or as many flowers as you desire. Let dry for 5-10 minutes. The beauty of these sunglasses is that you can personalize them however you want and they will always look fun!
blooming sunglasses


Ta-da! Blooming sunglasses! You can also do the same thing with our Favorite Findings gems #1374 or any of the cute buttons we have available at your local craft store!

bejeweled sunglassesfavorite findings gems


Why stop at sunglasses! Embellish your sandals and waist cinching belts that go perfect with summer dresses. Follow the same steps as given for the DIY sunglasses or hand sew buttons with a heavy duty needle and thread.

blooming sandals


belt embellished

flower garden 4804la mode 327

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