Shell Button Accents

Buttons aren’t just for fastening, they also make great embellishments! For this project, we added shell button accents to a basic black shirt. This is a great way to update your existing wardrobe or dress-up a thrift store find. There are so many button styles to choose from so you can use any color shirt. This also works well for a simple cardigan sweater. Using buttons, you can personalize basic wardrobe pieces and create something that no one else has!

shell button accents final

To add Shell Button Accents to a neckline, you will need the following materials:

Shell Buttons

Coordinating Thread



shell button accents materials

To begin, thread the needle and knot the thread at the end. Next, determine the layout and spacing you want to use for the neckline. For this shirt, we used 5/8 inch Agoya buttons that were a little smaller than the width of the neckband on the shirt. To avoid measuring and the potential for uneven gaps, we overlapped the edges of the buttons.

Start sewing the buttons on the back of the shirt and work your way around the entire neckline. Each shell button is unique in pattern and color so we tried to mix them up to keep it interesting.

shell button accents step

shell button accents final 2

If Christmas sweaters aren’t your thing, colorful buttons are a great way to add some holiday flair to a solid color top.  Try adding a little sparkle to a black sweater or red and white buttons to a green blouse. The great part about sewing on buttons as embellishments is that you can change them out to new styles and colors as the seasons and styles change. Have fun showing off your fashion creations!

And be sure to check the care instructions for the buttons you choose. In this case, the delicate shell buttons require hand washing.


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