Thanksgiving Wine Charms

Thanksgiving is almost here so we spent some time creating fun little Thanksgiving Wine Charms using paint, ribbon, and wood buttons.  This is a quick project – just be sure to leave enough drying time for the paint!

Thanksgiving Wine Charms Final 2

To make these Thanksgiving Wine Charms, you will need the following materials:

Wood Simply Leaves Buttons  550000801A

1/4” or 3/8” Grosgrain Ribbon

Embroidery Thread and Needle

Acrylic Paint in multiple colors


Plastic Plate (for the paint)



Thanksgiving Wine Charms Materials

To begin, cut 7 inch lengths of ribbon for each charm you want to create. Grosgrain ribbon works better for this project than satin because it holds a loose knot when tying around the stem of the wine glass.

Next, pour out the lightest color paint, covering an area about 3 inches in diameter. Add a few dots of the other colors of paint.

Thanksgiving Wine Charms Step 1

Drag a toothpick through the paint, swirling as you go. Less is more, be sure not to mix the paint too much. You want to create a swirl pattern.

Thanksgiving Wine Charms Step 2

With your fingers (or tweezers), pick up a button by the edge and dip lightly into the paint and lift straight up. There will be lots of extra paint on the button. Use a clean toothpick to poke through the paint and open the holes. Set the button aside to dry thoroughly. Repeat with the remaining buttons. You will need two for each charm.  If the paint gets too mixed, start over with fresh paint to maintain the swirl effect. And don’t worry about not covering the entire button with paint.

Thanksgiving Wine Charms Step 3

Once the buttons have dried completely, use the embroidery thread and need to sew the buttons onto the ends of the ribbon with one stitch.

Thanksgiving Wine Charms Step 4

Tie the finished Thanksgiving Wine Charms onto the stems of the wine glasses with a simple knot!

Thanksgiving Wine Charms Final

If you don’t have time for paint, just use the buttons unfinished. Or try using our Falling Leaves buttons.

Thanksgiving Wine Charms Final 3

Now you are ready to celebrate Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving!

Happy Crafting!!

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