Shell Button Necklace

Cooler temperatures mean fall is here and it’s time to pack away your summer wardrobe. This fresh and simple Shell Button Necklace will bring you back to your last walk on the beach. Delicate shell buttons are strung and knotted with natural twine for a lovely necklace that complements your favorite fall sweater or jacket. Our shell buttons have a pretty pearl iridescent finish that works well with the natural texture of the twine.

shell button necklace beauty 1

To make this Shell Button Necklace you will need the following materials:

12 La Mode 7/8” White Shell Buttons 400046793A

Narrow Twine or Embroidery Floss


Craft Glue

shell button necklace materials

Place the twine around your neck to determine the length of your necklace. Add a few inches to account for the knots and cut the twine. Fold the twine in half and feed both ends through the holes of the first four buttons.

shell button necklace step 1

Push the buttons together into a stack. Tie a double knot close to the top button and a second knot about ¼” above the first knot. This will be the base for the next stack of buttons.

shell button necklace step 2

Repeat the knot steps for the last two stacks of buttons and tie off the ends to the desired length. Add a drop of glue to secure the knot so the necklace won’t come undone.

shell button necklace step 3

We used the same size buttons but you can change the look by using different button sizes. If the twine is too thick for the smaller button holes, try using embroidery floss.

If you are already planning your crafts for the holidays, consider making this shell button necklace for your girlfriends or coworkers. They are fast, easy to make and require just a few crafting supplies. Add a small charm or initial to the twine before you start with the buttons. Your friends will appreciate the personalized gift!

shell button necklace beauty 2

Happy Crafting!!

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