Sweet Button Wreath

Looking for some simple décor ideas with a crafty vibe? Try making this Sweet Button Wreath. This is a simple project that can use up a lot of your button stash!

sweet button wreath beauty

To make this sweet button wreath you will need the following materials:

La Mode, 1” White Shell Buttons, 400046794A

La Mode, 1/2” White Shell Buttons, 400046690A

La Mode, 1” Art Nouveau Flower Pearl Buttons, 170001714A

La Mode, 5/8” Crystal Buttons, 200004623A

La Mode, 5/8” Silver Buttons, 400024834A

La Mode, 7/8” Antique Silver Leaf Buttons, 170001708A

La Mode, 1” White Buttons, 400046218A

La Mode, 1-1/8” White Buttons, 400046819A

La Mode, 1-1/8” White Buttons, 400046882A

La Mode, 7/8” White Shell Buttons, 400046793A

La Mode, 1/2” White Flower Buttons, 400046456A

La Mode, 3/8” White Buttons, 400048226A

La Mode, Crystal Slide, 340000035A

Crafting with Buttons, White Vintage Buttons, 470001504

Button Bargain, 4 oz Bag of Buttons White, 004002002

JHB, 1-3/8” Agoya Shell Gray Buttons, 960053224

JHB, 5/8” Iron Gate Silver Buttons, 960092739

La Petite, 7/8” White Buttons, 172500080

Lightweight Cardboard, 8 Inch square

7/8 Inch Wide Offray Ribbon

Hot Glue Gun



sweet button wreath materials

Place the cardboard on table and trace around a glass or bowl 6 inch outer circle and 3 inch inner circle to make wreath template. Carefully cut out the wreath template.

sweet button wreath step 1

Start gluing your buttons in place to create the first layer. Next, glue down a second layer of buttons overlapping them so you don’t see the cardboard template underneath. Make sure to fill in all gaps and holes.

sweet button wreath step 2

sweet button wreath step 2b

Finally take a 12 inch piece of ribbon and put one end through wreath and then thread both ends through the crystal slide. Glue the ends together or tie them to hang the wreath.

sweet button wreath step 3

You can use the wreaths to hang on chair backs at a family gathering. Or hang them on hooks to decorate interior doors. We chose a neutral white color theme but you can get creative and use holiday colors instead. Create three different size wreaths and hang them one above the other, attaching them with additional ribbon for a different look. Or change the shape of the wreath – try a heart or a square.

This Sweet Button Wreath is an easy project for kids to create, just switch from hot glue to craft glue and throw something over your table to keep the mess to a minimum!

Happy Crafting!!

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