Shiney Button Jewelry!

Tis the season where we are rushing around and there is no time or money to buy a new Holiday outfit! But not to fret I’m here to show you how to update last years outfit by just adding a NEW BUTTON Jewelry Accessory! Yes sparke, shiney is the word and why not create a peice of jewelry out of our Crystal BUTTONS! We have some beautiful buttons that will indeed update that sweater, coat or dress or better yet all your outfits!. So I’m going to save you some money just by creating 3 pieces using our BUTTONS.

Most of you may already have these materials in your craft box so lets get started.

Materials that you’ll need:
The Collection by La Mode #4525; La Mode #2008
Button Shank Remover
Jewelry Findings: pin-back; bail for necklace; wire choker; jump rings
Glue (if needed quickly hot glue. Epoxy-overnight)
Holiday Party!

I used both of these buttons because I couldn’t decide which I liked better so I created something out of both of them – one for me and MAYBE on to give! Yes scrooge comes to mind!

Here you see the Favorite Findings Shank Remover, round nose & flat nose pliers; jump rings, necklace wire, ribbon and bail and pin-back.

Next step will be to remove the shank from the back of the button.

Carefully with the Favorite Findings Button Shank Remover – place around the neck of the shank and snip (you may want to place your hand over the button so the shank doesn’t fly!).


 Photo  above shows the pin-back that I used – I only had the one with adhesive backing – all you need to do is peel off the adhesive backing and you are left with a plastic backing which actually worked out well.  Second photo – as you can see the shanks are removed and I’m going to glue the bail to the back and pin-back to the back. Set that aside and let cool.


 Back view and front view! Wear  this as a pendant or a pin – consider possibly doing 2 or 3 snowflakes and have them scattered on your shoulder!

Next piece – well we’ve all seen the “eternity” ring…. and we all wish that maybe one day we can have one (okay maybe not everyone!) but we can come close! (See the Button photo above) this comes from The Collection by La Mode. It’s very shiney and when the light hits it well…


Using your round and flat nose pliers carefully open the jump ring (remember hold the jump ring with the flat nose and with the round nose pull toward you). Place the jump ring around the button and then close (do the opposite with the jump ring – once you’ve heard the click on the jump ring you’ve linked them together!). see below…


So you have a choice – either attach to a slide/wire necklace or use a velvet ribbon!

Either or your sure to catch someones eye with your NEW Sparkly Button Jewelry!

Happy Holidays – Happy Crafting!

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