Peppermint Wreath

Tis the season…fa,la,la,la,and you know how the rest goes…Everyone is hurrying, hustling and trying to get all their Holiday shopping done and well I think I missed the boat. I’m hurrying to get my projects done!

The other day I was out shopping in this large home dec store and noticed this cute pre-made wrapped wreath and thought “I see a project” and of course I picked it up…1. It saved me from purchasing a plain wreath. 2. yarn 3. ribbon…so needless to say another stop saved from my to do list! Not saying I wouldn’t have considered creating a wreath from scratch – but tis the season and we’re all rushing…

So lets get going…here is what you will need:
1. BUTTONS – Favorite Findings Christmas and La Mode Christmas
2. Styrofoam wreath (okay I bought a pre-made-however Flora Craft has assorted sizes)
3. Yarn – white and red or if they have a skein that is peppermint
4. Ribbon
5. glue
6. scissors
7. pin

 So at this point you’ve wrapped your wreath with yarn – secure with either decorative pins or glue.Now for the fun part – deciding on the BUTTONS!

There are so many to choose from just have fun with it!  I opted to cover the wreath with the red and green Favorite Findings Buttons…

So go all away around – I actually ended up using 4 bags of the Favorite Findings.Then begin placing the other buttons ontop – here I used an addtional 10 more styles…



Don’t forget the bow! Yes this too is part of the LaMode Christmas program! Just darling!

Now you have created your own whimsical Christmas Button Wreath!


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