Stars and Stripes button Ribbon Wreath

Officially summer has begun and with full force – which means Fourth July is around the corner – barbecues, parades and red, white & blue…

So I was inspired to re-create a wreath that I saw on Pinterest… 

so here it is my Stars & Stripes Button Ribbon Wreath!

Actually this was very simple to create and very quick.  So why not create your button wreath today?…

Materials:  Favorite Findings #483 Patriotic Stars (2 bags);  Funtastics #Q214 White Stars (3 cards); 5/8″ ribbon in red, white & blue (1 spool each); embroidery floss; 10″ styrofoam wreath; straight pins; scissors; hot glue gun.  

Start at the top of your wreath – using your red ribbon – secure ends with straight pins to your styrofoam. Remember to overlap your ribbon as you wrap (you don’t want the styrofoam to show).  For this project I wrapped each section of the red & white 6x around


So I’m showing you two photos – when starting your next color tuck the ends under and pin ontop of the ribbon that you just finished.

So repeat this step until your ready for your blue ribbon …

Note the blue ribbon will take approximate 2 spaces – I was wrapping my ribbon 6x around ending so for the blue ribbon you’ll wrap 12x around…

Here comes the buttons:

Okay,  so the Funtastics – you’ll note I only used the white – but I wanted to show you that we have blue and red stars should you want to change the color story… Favorite Findings – I need the white stars and there are only 2 in each so for the small stars here’s a tip:  you can pop out the centers and there you go mini stars!

okay so the next step…I took red, white & blue embroidery floss (2 threads from each color) and knotted on top. 

So okay after you threaded and knotted – attach with hot glue as shown above…

And finally add either a red, white or blue ribbon add some buttons to the know and you’ve created your own


Now proudly hang your wreath on your door, wall or gift it!




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