Summer Fun with Buttons Part 2

PART 2:   As promised here is the conclusion of Kim Ballor’s Summer Fun Party Set that she created for us.  It’s never too late to have some fun!  Today I’m going to provide you with the Summer Flower Can Kozee and Summer Flower Party Pots…

Summer Flower Can Kozee:  We all do it – put our drink down and then forget which one is ours!  Why not gve your guests their own Can Kozees and they are sure not to forget which one is theirs

Materials:  One for each party guest:  Favorite Findings™ Button: #1175 Big Blossoms    
                                                         Foam can kozee  
                                                         8" length 2mm elasitc cord:  variegated brights
1.  String ends of elastic cord through buttonholes from back to front of button.
2.  Hold ends of cord together.  Tie a knot.
3.  Place elastic around kozee.
Tip:  Refer to photo for assembly. 
        Make a different color combination of flower and kozee for each guest to remember which drink is hers.
Summer Flower Party Pots
Put some fun, bright and festive pots on the table to hold your utensils. 
  • Favorite Findings™ Buttons: BIG Bag of BUttons #2006 Flowers (2 bags),  #1175 Big Blossoms (3 bags),  #1173 Butterfly Zone (3 bags)
  • 2mm elastic cord, variegated brights: 2 pkgs
  • Apple Barrel Gloss Acrylic paint:  Dandelion, Pure Pink, Pumpkin Orange
  • Wide flat paintbrush
  • scissors


1.  Using colors as desired, paint inside of pot one color, outside body of pot a second color, and outside rim a third color.  Let dry before adding button cords.

2.  Cut a 1 1/2″ yard piece of elastic.  Three inches from one end, string cord  through top buttonhole of button.  Hold cords together, tie a knot.  repeat along cord every two inches until cord is long enough to stretch aound top of pot.  Knot ends of cord together, forming a circle.

Small Pot:  make one strand of all butterflies.  Make a second strand of butterflies and medium size flowers.  Place both strands around top of pot. 

Medium Pot:  make tro strands of medium flowers of all colors.  place both strands around top of pot.

Large Pot:  make one strand. layer large and medium flower buttons.  Pace strand around top of pot.

Tips:  refer to photo for placement and assembly.  Wondering what to do with the pots after the party?  How about planting some bright flowers and placing them on your porch for a welcoming feeling.



Put it all together and have some fun! 


Summer Fun!

Thank you Kim fro creating such a fun and whimsical group of projects!


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