Summer Fun with Buttons

It’s summer, it’s hot and your wondering what to do!  We have a solution – today I’m featuring projects created by the one and only Kim Ballor.  Kim has been creating and designing for us about 2 years and has an array of friends/characters that help her along the way! Visit her blog: and meet all of them and great project ideas that she’s created. 

This week , I’ll feature several projects that she created for us:  Summer Time Fun!  


Having a summer party? I  will tell you how Kim created this party look for us – it’s easy and quick.   Let’s see – we have Flower Party Garland, Flower Can Kozee’s and assorted Party Pots. For the next three days I will feature each project that Kim created.  Today:  FLOWER PARTY GARLAND 

Favorite Findings™ Big Bag of Buttons: #2006 Flowers (1 for each paper flag) 
Scrapbook Paper (5 -6 colors of choice)
 2" paper punch: flower 
Small diameter round hole punch  
20 gauge craft sire: silver  
7mm oval jump rings: silver 

  Scissors or papercutter

Clear Packing Tape  
Wire cutters  
2 pair chain nose pliers  
Round nose pliers


1. Cut as many paper flags as desired for garland. Punch a flower in each. Punch a round hole at bottom of each. Fold the top down toward the back 3/8″.

2.  Cut a 4″ length of wire.  String one end through both buttonholes of flower button.  Twist wire together behind button.  Trim short wire end.  Bend wire straight up along back of button.  Form a simple loop 1/2″ above button.  Repeat to wire – one button for each flag.                                                              


3.  Attach button to paper flag using a jump ring.  Repeat for each flag. 

4.  Attach flags to string by taping down the fold at the top of each flag, over the string.  Space flags about 2″ apart of string.


Kims design tips: 

For the above project – cut flag papers 2 1/4″ x 3″.


A good substitute for crochet thread is string.

Using a jump ring: use two pair of pliers, grab ends of jump rings on either side of cut. Twist ring open. Apply where desired. Twist ring tightly closed.

When punching flowers in paper, punch near bottom of paper, leaving enough space to punch a round hole.

Forming a simple loop:  Bend wire 1/2″ above button to a 90-degree angle.  Trim end of wire to 1/2″.  Grab end of wire with round nose pliers, roll backward toward vertical wire, forming a loop. Close loop tightly. 

*Remember you can make your banner any size.  You can create your own flower shape by creating your own template and tracing onto your flag papers and cutting with scissors

Make sure to visit our blog tomorrw when I will feature Summer Flower Party Pots.


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