Swimsuits with Buttons

The only thing I hate more than wearing a swimsuit in public is wearing a frumpy swimsuit in public! Good thing there are some cute swimsuits with buttons trends going on this summer…so take advantage of them while it’s still warm out! (only a few more weeks left!! can you believe it?)

Although I’m not a huge fan of anything high waisted- I have to admit that the vintage high waisted swim shorts are absolutely adorable, and they’re invading my Pinterest feed! I’m totally happy about this — this cut may even hide my food baby pooch … Win!

One way to make this trend even cuter is by adding … guess what?? BUTTONS! The sailor swimsuit trend is very classic and feminine … also adorable on the high waisted shorts as well as yolked dresses and skirts. So when you’re not soaking up the last bit of summer on the beach, show off your tan with some short shorts adorned with cute buttons =) Check out some of my favorite swimsuits I found browsing through Pinterest!



high waistedhigh waisted

I added gold buttons to anything high waisted I convinced myself to buy… it breaks up the block of fabric and adds interest. It’s amazing how much of a difference a little detail can make. You can browse through the metals section of our website here to find military inspired styles.

Here are a few of my favorites!



Get leggy before it’s too late with these cute sailor shorts! Bright, vivid buttons really stand out on stripes and denim. Our red anchor printed button is PERFECT for this look. Click on the carded button photo below to view this item on our website!


Red Anchor Print



A simple white button can transform any high waisted look to be more modern. Look here for some fun styles!

white buttons


If you love black like I do, you’ll also love this anchor embossed button in our La Mode and La Petite collections. I think I’ll actually save this one for a fall coat 😉




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