Tattoo a Button

Around here we think a lot about buttons… and a lot of different ways they can be used! I remembered last year I purchased some temporary tattoos from Tattly and I still had some left over (yes I went on a spree, they are addicting). I knew we had an handful of wood buttons and I thought what if I put a temporary tattoo on a button!? It sounded like a great experiment in my mind but I knew I had to try it out to be sure! So this is my unconventional way of using a button and a temporary tattoo!

First choose your tattoo and your button… I went with our wood La Mode #31977. You can find these at Joann Fabrics (or your local craft shop)
I sanded it down a bit to remove some of the finish. I felt this would help the tattoo adhere better.

I cut the Tattly tattoo to the size of the button and applied it as I would any temporary tattoo.
I used the other end of a thin paint brush to poke the tattoo where the button holes are… do this immediately after applying while the tattoo is still a bit “sticky”.



These are some buttons from our La Mode line that you can use to do this at home:

  • La Mode style #31977 – the big wood button I used in my example
  • La Mode style #31113 and 31990 are smaller versions of the big wood button
  • La Mode style #29902 is a button made from a coconut shell and I used the opposite (lighter) side to apply the bird tattoo.

You can purchase the awesomely designed temporary tattoos at


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