Button Heart Earrings!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yes I know it’s Valentine’s Day and why would I be posting last minute projects – well because we’re all guilty of last minute gifts – we all do it  – but will never admit it (you know who you are!).

However, Button Heart Earrings are not just for Valentines! These can be worn anytime of the year…so let’s get ready to create your Button Heart Earrings!

heartearrings 016

Materials Needed:
Assorted Heart Shape Buttons – LaMode & Bliss
Favorite Findings Button Shank Remover # 700
Earring posts (available in the jewelry dept)
Hot Glue or Epoxy Glue

heartearrings 001

The hardest will be selecting your button any of the LaMode Buttons will work wonderfully for any age group!

.heartearrings 004heartearrings 006

1.  Carefully remove the shank from the back of the button as shown in the above photo.

heartearrings 007

heartearrings 005heartearrings 009

2.  For this project I did use the Hot Glue as my choice of glue – however if these are going to be gifts,  I do recommend that you use an Epoxy glue and let this set for 24 hours.

And guess what you’re done! Yes as simple as that – it only took you two steps to create these earrings!

heartearrings 011

heartearrings 019

heartearrings 020

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go…



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