Time to decorate the tree and packages!

Those last minute decorations! How about that old jar of buttons you have or check out Favorite Findings BIG Bag of Buttons in assorted colors. There are so many ideas that you can come up with – but the easiest of them all are these cute BUTTON WREATHS.


  • Favorite Findings BIG Bag of Buttons #2009 Multi
  • Favorite Findings BIG Bag of Buttons #2011 White
  • Crafting wire
  • Ribbon
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors

Measure out 24″ of crafting wire, cut with wire cutters (don’t destroy your favorite scissors – you’ll just hate yourself!). Fold in half (making wire 12″). Remove buttons from original bag and begin feeling buttons through the wire (slide wire into two separate holes).Note buttons will not slide off sine there is a look at the end. Don’t force the buttons to the end – you’ll need some for twisting. Continue until you’ve filled the wire. With both ends (you’ll have 4pcs of wire – twist and wrap ends around. Cut off excess. Add ribbon and your ready to hang and decorate your tree or gifts.

There are so many variations that you can do – so don’t be afraid to experiment. That’s what “crafting” is.

So stop by your favorite craft store and see all the colors available. Also, check out our website for additional craft ideas for the holiday and don’t forget to visit FB! Join me by featuring your favorite Christmas Craft ideas with buttons.


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