Looking for something to hang on your door to greet your guests as they come over for the holidays – here is a project that I did for Michaels Stores. There is still time to add one more project!


Here are the materials that you’ll need: 


Materials:  Favorite Findings Red Glitter buttons #552001447 & Favorite Findings White Matte buttons #552001424 (located in the notions department).  “J, O, Y” wood letters;  scrapbook paper;  red, green assorted ribbon; embroidery floss; assorted holiday floral – berries, pinecones; glue; scissors.

Determine what paper will be placed on each letter.  trace and cut and glue.  Set aside and with the glitter buttons weave green embroidery floss and knot on top.  Refer to photos for placement:


With your wide ribbon cut approximately 1 yard of ribbon – lay flat and center letters. Once satisfied – adhere to ribbon.  Make a loop on the top.  With green ribbon – make a bow and add floral, berries – adhere to ribbon.  Refer to photo: 

For the bottom – refer to photo: add ribbon, pinecones, berries.


Now your ready to hang your “JOY” on your front door or any room that needs sprucing!


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