Trim The Tree…

Most of us have either finished decorating the tree or are just thinking about it!  Here is a cute project that you can do this weekend with your kids!  Sparkling Glitter Button Ornaments



Materials: Favorite Findings Glitter buttons – Red, Black;  round clear glass ornaments (2);  decorative wired ribbon – red, black;  satin ribbon – red, black;  seed beads; Plaid Acrylic Paint – red & black;  round self adhesive gems red, black;  embroidery floss; scissors, hot glue and glue; small paper cups; rubbing alcohol.

Remove toppers/hangers from ornaments.  Clean the insides of ornaments by pouring a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol inside.  Swirl and pour out.  Turn upside down on cup, let dry completely. 
Pour red acrylic paing inside one ornament.  Swirl around until the inside is completely covered. Turn upside down on paper cup – let excess paint drain into cup.  Let dry atleast 24 hours.  Repeat with black paint on second ornament. 
Replace toppers.  Stick self-adhesive gems around glass ornaments;  red on black ornament; black on red ornament. 
String red satin ribbon through top loop of black ornament and red ornament.  Tied ends, making a loop.  Tie a double loop bow with decorative ribbon. Trim ends.  Stack large red button and medium black button.  Tie together with floss, adding 3 seed beads on top.  Knot on back of button. Glue buttons to center of bow.  Glue to ornament.  

I’ve included a photo of the components for your reference.  Project is also featured on  For additional button projects make sure to vist our Project Tab and also www. for additional projects.




Now you are ready to display your ornaments on your tree. 

Happy Crafting!  Happy Holidays!

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