Woodland Christmas

Today’s blog I’m featuring projects that were created by Patty Schaffer from our Favorite Findings Holiday Christmas Buttons that are currently available in JoAnn Fabric & Craft Stores.  These woodland buttons give you the fun, rustic feeling and creating these are easy too. So round up the kids and let’s get crafting!

IMG_2418 (375x500)

Favorite Findings: #1686 Merry Moose
#1687 North Woods
#1588 Snowflake Cut Out
#1586 Funky Tree
#440 Mini Christmas
#1371 Red & Green
White yarn and metallic yarn
Styrofoam Ball; Styrofoam Wreath; Glass jar; ribbon; red sequin trim; white head pins; adhesive scissors

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Starting with the Snowball Ornament – begin wrapping Styrofoam ball with white yarn you want to make sur you cover the Styrofoam.  The with your metallic yarn wrap several times around.

Locate your red Favorite Findings Snowflake buttons you will need a total of 6 for this project.  Glue 6 mini green buttons to the center of snowflake.  With your white headpins you will need four (4) for each snowflake center your first snowflake and go around ornament.

IMG_2419 (375x500)

For your hanger cut ribbon to desired length, knot on top. Add two (2) green buttons to the center  attach to the top of ornament with headpins to secure.


Remove lid from jar. Begin gluing buttons to the lid.  You can add red felt to cover and add ribbon around edge – have fun with this – if you can find “checkered, plaid” ribbon that would be great (these are always our “after thoughts” Adhere red moose to one side of jar and and funky tress around jar.

Fill with their favorite candy and add a tag!

IMG_2420 (279x500)

IMG_2417 (630x473) (2)


Wrap wreath with white yarn.  Creating the prancing reindeer: Refer to photo:  add red mini buttons for your nose; add red sequin trim for body and white yarn around neck.  Have your reindeer going in various directions.  Attach red and green Favorite Findings with white head pins as shown.

IMG_2421 (375x500)

So what are you waiting for? let’s get in the Holiday Crafting mood!

Happy Holidays

Happy Crafting

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