2013 Comes To An End!

Now that Christmas has concluded (for some – many still celebrate “Little Christmas”, “Epiphany”  as I do).  I wanted to share with you my final blog for 2013.

Many of us will be celebrating with family and friends and here’s a cute hostess gift to bring with that bottle of champagne!

Button Charms 037


We’ve all been there – we have our drink, place it down only to find out that someone left the same drink right next to yours – so which one is yours? These charms will surely come in handy whether for this occasion or for any of your future parties!  Easy to create – let’s get started…


Button Jar Buttons – Assorted Colors (red, green, marigold, blue, purple, white, black, pink).
Earring Hoops; eyepins; beads; jewelry tools

          Button Charms 021          Button Charms 023

For this project I used approximately 7 buttons ranging from small to large.  I prepared my stacks (8 total) buttons; 4 beads – 2 seed beads – 2 larger beads.

       Button Charms 022     Button Charms 024

Have my 8 earring hoops and 8 eyepins ready (these can be found in the jewelry aisle at your favorite craft store).

Next step is to layout your buttons – refer to the photo above – my middle button is the largest on either side I lay out the remaining buttons medium to small.  With your eyepin – slide your seed bead and then your bead followed with your buttons add the second bead and seed bead.

Button Charms 026      Button Charms 027

With your round nose plier (as shown above) create a loop, cut off excess with wire cutters.  You’ll repeat these steps for the balance of the buttons.

     Button Charms 031     Button Charms 032

Button Charms 033these actually remind me of that toy some of us may remember “topper” (okay dating myself). Let’s go onto the next step! Slide the charm onto the wire hoop – close and well almost done!

Button Charms 034

Pull out some glasses – add your charms – Make a wish for 2014!

(now your done!)

Button Charms 038

Button Charms 036

Button Charms 039

Some final words:  This year has come and gone with a blink of an eye the months just flew by.  It seems every year it goes quicker.  I so look forward to 2014 – creating with you and sharing with you New Button Projects.

I make no New Year Resolutions – only because I know can’t keep them! I wish all my  friends a Healthy and Productive New Year!

May all your Button Jars be filled with buttons and creative ideas!



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