Button Hair Clips

Here’s another fun summertime project! Buttons can be such a great embellishment, especially if you have a collection of single buttons with no home. For this project, you can give simple hair clips get an extra pop of pizzazz using stylish coordinating buttons.  These little Button Hair Clips are so easy to create for your little girl. She can get in on the fun by mixing and matching button shapes and colors with different hair clips.

Button Hair Clips Final 2

Button Hair Clips

To make these Button Hair Clips, you will need the following materials:

Hair Clips (solid colors or fun prints)

Glue Gun or Permanent Glue

An Assortment of Buttons

Button Hair Clips Materials

Materials Needed

To make these clips, I used the following buttons:

La Petite Red & Black  182502119

Small Black Houndstooth  470002204

Pink Faceted  400042009A

Favorite Findings Black Dots and Stripes  550001471

Favorite Findings Fun Mini Stars  550001396

Traditional Hearts Blister  470001302

Once you have gathered all your supplies, determine which buttons you are going to pair with each hair clip. Get creative! You can use buttons and clips in the same color family for a monochromatic look or pair coordinating colors. Try layering different sizes and shapes of buttons to create different looks.

Place glue on hair clip and glue button to end.  Allow the glue to dry completely before using in hair.

Button Hair Clips Step 1

Just layer and glue!

You can create little sets of these Button Hair Clips to give as gifts or make them to match a birthday party theme and give them as favors! This is also an easy way to create accessories for every holiday. Just layer different colors: orange and black for Halloween, red and green for Christmas, and pink and red for Valentine’s Day!

Button Hair Clips Final

Get creative!

Check out our Crafting with Buttons blister packs.  These mini buttons come in some great shapes and colors that are perfect for this project! Have fun and…



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