Button Beach Bag

Summer officially arrived this week! Who is heading to the beach or to the pool this weekend? Beach bags are the best way to keep your towel, shoes, books, and drinks organized. Follow along with this Button Beach Bag project to personalize a plain beach bag by sewing on buttons into the shape of your favorite sea creature. For this bag, I created a sea turtle in shades of aqua and turquoise. Once you have your design selected, decide on a color theme and look for buttons in a variety of hues, shapes, and sizes.

Button Beach Bag Final

My completed button beach bag!

To make this Button Beach Bag, you will need the following materials:

Crafting with Buttons Aqua Gems  470001703

Crafting with Buttons Ombre Turquoise  470001107

Favorite Findings Clear Rounds  550001373

Favorite Findings Turquoise Ovals  550001383

Favorite Findings Large Clear Rounds  550001375

Favorite Findings Green 550000407




Beach Bag

Fabric Glue

Button Beach Bag Materials

Gather your materials


To begin, find a fun summer shape for your button beach bag. Use a pencil and lightly sketch the shape on your bag (you can cover the pencil marks with buttons). Next, start to lay down buttons into desired shape. Tip:  If you can’t get the shape you want try to use an image that you can trace.

Using the fabric glue, start to glue down the buttons in the desired shape. Tip:  Pour the fabric glue onto a scrap piece of plastic or paper plate and dip button in glue using tweezers.

Button Beach Bag Step 1

Arrange the buttons and glue into place

Finally, sew the buttons in place to keep them secure. Load up the bag and head out to the beach!

Button Beach Bag Step 2

Sew on buttons to keep them in place

Button Beach Bag Final

My completed button beach bag!

You can create a unique bag for each member of the family. This project is also a great way to use random buttons from your button stash. Need some design ideas? Try a starfish, a beach ball, a sun, or a palm tree. We would love to see what you create! Share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram (#buttonlovers).



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