Button Trends In Fashion

All these funky weather patterns are inspiring me to get a little funky with some trends….in a more agreeable fashion, of course! Though it’s hard to tell, Spring and Summer are arriving and I want to take as many risks with fashion as the weather has with its patterns! Firstly, I’ve been so bland and boring in dark wools and muddy colors this long winter that all I want to do is wear anything shiny and attention grabbing. That’s why I’m obsessing over our new Button Trends line now in stores….YES!! So many trends! So many funky shapes! So many possibilities!

The first thing that came to mind when these were in production were the fun embellished hats and Yves Saint Laurent boots that are to die for! Perfect marriage of girly, vintage, and hardcore punk. Nothing more beautiful than an opposites attracts romance! So grab your favorite pieces, mix and match them with some interesting buttons, gems, and brooches to create a truly personalized and unique fashion piece to be raved about.

Take a look at all the fun things you can do with these adorably trendy buttons! Be inspired and have fun!

button trends

trendy buttons bobby pins

stud earings

embellished dress

embellished boots

embellished purse

embellished hat

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