Yarn Heart Banner

This Valentine’s Day Yarn Heart Banner project is perfect for the beginner crafter. Depending on how many hearts you create, this project takes about an hour. Be sure to select buttons with larger holes so you can use a needle to thread them onto the yarn.

Yarn Heart Banner Beauty

To make this Yarn Heart Banner you will need the following materials:

A Variety of Blumenthal Buttons, Including:

La Mode Antique Gold 400026253A

La Petite Antique Gold 162500909

White/Gold Heart 400046485A

Gold/Pearl 400046311A

White Flower with Crystal 48004838




Large Needle



Yarn Heart Banner Materials

To begin, find a simple heart shape online that you can trace. Print it out to the desired size. Ours is about 3 inches. Next, trace 5 to10 hearts onto the cardboard and carefully cut them out.

Yarn Heart Banner Step 1

Begin wrapping yarn around one of the cardboard hearts. Wrap the yarn in every direction to cover the cardboard. Make it full so the heart has a puffy shape! Once you are happy with the amount of coverage, leave a tail of yarn 2 yards long and cut the yarn from the skein. Thread the tail through the needle. String a few buttons on the yarn wrapping and placing them in the desired spot. This works best stringing and placing one button at a time. Once you have finished adding buttons, trim and tuck the end of the yarn in the back of the heart. Repeat this process for each of your cardboard hearts.

Yarn Heart Banner Step 2

Cut a 3 yard length of yarn and thread it through the needle. Run the yarn through the backs of the hearts near the top to create the banner. Knot the yarn in the back of each heart to hold them in place. We created a horizontal banner but you can also create a vertical banner by hanging the hearts below each other.

Yarn Heart Banner Step 3

Yarn Heart Banner Final

To change-up the look, try using three different size hearts or multiple colors of yarn.  This soft pretty Yarn Heart Banner looks beautiful anywhere! Use it to decorate for Valentine’s Day or give it as a baby shower gift to hang on a nursery wall.


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