March is National Crafting Month!

Craft Month

Not a day, not a week but a whole month  – to celebrate and embrace something new! This is the time to learn a new craft, technique or even better teach someone!
Crafting is known to reduce stress (I’m still learning), bring families together and learn new skills! Why not enroll with the kids in a class – check out your local craft stores many offer classes that you can craft together…

Learn how to craft/create with BUTTONS
Learn how to Sew
Learn how to Knit
Learn how to Crochet
Learn how to Quilt
Learn Embroidery
Learn how to Papercraft/Scrapbook/Stamp
Learn how to Create Jewelry
Learn to have FUN with CRAFTING!


The list is endless…so maybe it’s not this week or next but make an effort to learn atleast one NEW Craft and PASS IT ON! Get inspired from your favorite bloggers, websites, craft stores, or just what you see in front of you!

So get CRAFTING and remember to add the spice to all your crafts – BUTTONS!



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