Button Love Decoration

As Button Lovers, we LOVE this Button Love Decoration for Valentine’s Day! This is a super-easy project that only requires a few supplies. Be sure to allow enough time for the glue to cool as you create layers and before you try to hang your finished piece. We used a fun pom pom trim but you can use a different style of trim. Ribbon also works to hang the sign and you can add small bow accents.

button love decoration beauty

To make this Button Love Decoration you will need the following materials:

Buttons and Beads, Red

Buttons and Beads, Wine

Pom Pom Trim or Ribbon, Red, 20”

Wood “LOVE” Sign

Glue Gun

Red Acrylic Paint (Optional)

button love decoration materials

Begin by painting the entire wood sign with the red acrylic paint. This step is optional but it will prevent the light wood color showing through gaps between the buttons. Next, glue the buttons down using a variety of sizes. Use the red buttons for the L and the V. Use the wine buttons for the O and the E. Add a second layer of buttons to cover the spaces. You can also fill in with some of the beads. Tweezers work better than your fingers when placing the beads. And they save your fingers from the hot glue!

button love decoration step 1

Glue the pom pom trim to the back, one end from the L and the other from the E. You can also use ribbon instead of the trim. Once the glue has dried completely, hang and enjoy!

button love decoration final

This Button Love Decoration would be a pretty addition to a gallery wall. Use white or gray buttons if red doesn’t match the color theme for your room. This is a fun way to incorporate some Valentine’s flair into your existing décor. You can change out the word for the different seasons and holidays.

button love decoration beauty 2


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