Coordinates Mini Button Journal

I was going through my stash of projects and found my “to do” projects for my blog. For some of you this may look familiar – we created this project for Jo-Anns MTK last summer and I knew I wanted to share with everyone the projects that were created. So lets get started:

I’ve selected to do the Purple Flower from the grouping above. 


  • 1 card of Coordinates by La Mode #3019
  • 1 mini composition notebook (available in many craft stores)
  • Assorted coordinating scrapbook papers
  • Zip Dry™ Paper Glue by Beacon
  • Scissors by Westcott
  • Plaid Acrylic Paint #527 Forest/ Paintbrush
  • Assorted fibers/ribbon/embroidery floss/gems
  • Brown ink pad

  1. With a paintbrush – apply your paint to the binder of notebook (remember to do the back). Set aside and let dry
  2. Measure and cut scrapbook paper. Remember to allow some of the binder to be visible – so you may want to cut your width 1/2″ shorter.
  3. Apply scrapbook paper to your notebook using Zip Dry Paper Glue. Trim excess.
  4. With the brown ink pad (to get that “aged” look) run along edges of notebook, remember the back and the binder.
  5. Adhere ribbon to notebook as shown. Trim off excess.
  6. To add additional texture place fiber in center of your ribbon – add glue to the back of button and adhere to notebook.
  7. Add assorted coordinating gems to book.

Now your are ready to jot down notes, names, grocery list….How easy was this to do!

Make sure to visit your favorite craft store and pick up your buttons today and start creating.


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