Glitter Ballerina and Her Tutu

With the help of my designer sister Kathy we created this Glitter Ballerina painting that features Blumenthal Lansing – Favorite Findings™ Glitter buttons. As we all know buttons aren’t just for sewing they are for creating pieces of “art”.

I selected the following colors: Rosy Glitter; Amethyst Glitter; Violet Glitter; Citron Glitter; Topaz Glitter and Bay Glitter. I just randomly began gluing until I was pleased!

How cute would this be to decorate your daughters room – who inspires one day of becoming a ballerina or adding some punch to a wall in your dance studio.

On a 12 x 24 canvas my sister painted the silhouette of a mannequin bust with acrylic paint. Then we adhered the pink tutu with hot glue and then began gluing Favorite Findings™ Glitter buttons. There are 10 external colored glitter buttons and 10 internal colored buttons to choose from.

I used approximately 14 packs of assorted Favorite Findings™ Glitter Buttons.

So if your looking for something fun and whimsical hopefully we were able to create this for you.

Make sure to stop by your local Jo-Ann’s Craft Store and pick up your glitter buttons.


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