Duct Tape Button Flowers

Heh everyone! For all those who were lucky enough to attend the Michaels Craft Cruise last week, here are the instructions/tutorial on how to make your Duct Tape Button Flower.   

Materials:  Assorted BUTTONS by Blumenthal Lansing
                 Assorted Color Duct Tape® (for this project I used turquoise, purple and zebra)
                 Rainbow Classic Felt™ by The Kunin Group - Peacock color
                 Scissors; Hot Glue; Ruler; Pin back; Needle; Fishing line (heavy gauge thread).


With scissors cut your duct tape to approx. 20″ long.  With the colored side facing down you will fold your dut tape length wise in half.  Smooth out any air bubbles . 

Cut your fishing line/embroidery thread to approx 25″.  Thread thru needle, knot at end.   Before beginning snip off ends of the duct tape.


Sew in and out and close to the end as shown above.  Pull thread – this creates the folds.  It should begin to look like photo above.  Keep going until you’ve gove to the end. 


Begin forming/shaping your flower. To complete the thread knot several times and snip off ends. 

Cut a 2″ circle from  your felt – this will be the backing to your pin.


At this point you should have your peacock colored felt; duct tape flower and Button #522005221 (1 1/4″) turquoise rhinestone button.  This button will sure add some “punch” to this pin! 


With your hot glue gun – add hot glue to the felt and then place your flower ontop – let dry.  (make sure to supervise when working with children – glue guns do get very hot).  You may also use craft glue – but give it time to dry.


For this project I did use a self-adhesive pin back.  Note you will need to adhere hot glue for the extra support.    TIP:  If working with a pin-back – I suggest sewing on the pin back before glueing your felt onto your flower).

So are you ready to turn over your pin??


So now your ready to create your collection of Duct Tape Button Flowers!  Make sure to visit Michaels and pick up your Color Duct Tape®, Classicfelt by Kunin and to add “SPICE”-   Buttons by Blumenthal Lansing Co..

I hope you all had a wonderful time creating your crafts during the cruise.  Make sure to check my blog for additional Button Craft Projects!


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