Before you know it St. Patrick’s Day will be upon us and I need something to wear without spending a dime! I call this my a little bit of this and a little bit of that! My Lucky Clover Pin is compiled of items that I already had in the office/home. The only thing I needed to find was a shamrock template (which is readily available on line!).

So let’s begin the search – I wasn’t too sure which button I was going to use so I selected three to be safe…

Materials: Green Earth by La Mode #2767
               Green Earth by La Mode #2782
               Buttons by La Mode #1154
               Shamrock/clover template
               scissors; scrapbook paper; card stock; crepe paper (green); needle/thread; glue; pencil; glitter; ink pad; stencil brush



Download template from internet.  Reduce to desired size.  Cut pattern and trace onto scrapbook paper and heavy card stock.


Adhere scrapbook paper to card stock. 


It will look like this – don’t worry if the card stock is showing a bit you’ll be able to cover as seen in the next steps.

I wanted to give my clover an aged look – with my brown ink pad and stencil brush – in a circular motion around edges apply gently – for a darker look press harder on your brush.

Don’t forget to add ink to the stem of the clover.  I added gold glitter glue along edges.

Okay next step – green crepe paper – you can substitute with green fabric. 

Cut approximately 12 inches.  Fold in half – length wise.  With needle and thread begin stitching along the edge (careful not to pull too hard – remember you’re working with crepe paper).  Gently pull thread  –  knot at end.


Once you’ve cut the thread your strip will look similar too this – not to worry you’ll shape it into a flower. Grab one end and form/shape into a flower.  Adhere to clover – I’ve opted to off-set my flower.

Okay – almost there I decided that my Green Earth button needed an additioanal button “gold”.

Now I’m ready to add my ribbon and glue the buttons down ontop of my crepe paper rosette. 

Trim the ends of the ribbon.  Add a pinback to the back of your clover. Now you’re ready to CELEBRATE!




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