DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater with Buttons Part 1

Ugly Christmas sweaters have been pretty trendy over the last few years. What started as a hatred for itchy over-sized sweaters from grandma soon became a whirlwind of fun and ideas. There are so many creative ways to exaggerate the thought of an Ugly Christmas Sweater!!!

Upon my search for sweaters I came across some “wannabe” ugly sweaters at Target. Of course some may see a cute sweater with a tree… and I see an opportunity for BUTTONS!



Way too cute to be considered ugly, right?

So I gathered some of my favorite Christmas buttons and NON-christmas buttons. Who says you need to stick to a theme? The first thing that popped into my mind were the mustaches. They are probably my personal favorite from our Favorite Findings buttons. Every ugly sweater needs a mustache!

IMG_5421 IMG_5423

Materials you may need to Make Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater:

1. Buttons (see our Pinterest board).  Some of the buttons you see here may not be available on our website but you can purchase them at Joann Fabrics stores.
2. Pom-Poms
3. Tinsel string
4. Fabric glue
5. Embroidery thread
6. Scissors
7. Piece of 8 x 10 cardboard or larger


I’ve also compiled a list of our buttons from our website on a Pinterest board titled “Ugly Christmas Sweater Buttons”. Sure, pom-poms and tinsel can only do so much, right?

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 2.48.03 PM

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

1. First I placed the buttons where I wanted them and took some photos with my phone to get an idea of what I wanted.
2. After the photo, I took them all off again and made a different version with the same buttons.
3. Once I was happy with the placement I began sewing on each button – with the cardboard on the inside of the shirt. I didn’t want to accidentally sewing through the entire shirt. I used a thicker type of thread to really hold on to the button but it also makes a great addition should you decide to tie a bow in the front.


4. Then I cut and measured the tinsel string on the spots I wanted it. I glued it down with the fabric glue. We LOOOVE this glue from Beacon Adhesives and it’s always in arms reach – especially in the craft department!


5. Sewed the pom-poms in place.
6. Added a few more buttons as necessary!

And voila! You have a beautiful Ugly Christmas Sweater!uglybluesweater

Remember what it looked like before??




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