Everythings Blooming!

Spring is just around the corner and soon flowers will be budding (okay I know that’s a stretch). However, Blumenthal Lansing’s NEW Flower Garden Program features beautiful colorful button flowers and leaves.

We had an opportunity during the CHA show this year to feature these buttons during our MTK. For those who could not attend I’m going to show you how easy these are to make:


  • 1 card each: Frosted Pansy Flowers: #4822 – Lime; #4823 – Purple; #4824 – Pink
  • 1 card each: Green Frosted Leaves: #4827
  • Duct Tape
  • Plastic tube (approx 7″ – 8″ depending on wrist size)
  • Assorted yarn fibers
  • Extreme Adhesive Squares by Glue Arts
  • Wire
  • Assorted Seed Beads
  • Scissors

For the plastic tubing – we went to a local hardware store and in the plumbing department you will find assorted tubing that you can use. It does come in roll so why not invite several of your friends over for a crafting night! There are different medias that you can use – wood bangle, recycled plastic bottle…

Measure your wrist – if you are a 7″ size then do cut a bit larger so that you will be able to slide the bangle on and off your wrist. (If you’re an 8″ cut a little bit larger). Once you’ve cut the tubing to your size – cut a 3 inch piece of Duct Tape. Have the ends meet and wrap the tubing to form a bangle.

With your Adhesive Squares cut and place on the under part of the duct tape. Begin wrapping your yarn. Keep wrapping until you’ve gone all the way around – You will add an Adhesive Square again at the end to secure.

For some added fun I added additional fiber to the top portion of my bangle:

Next step – remove buttons from the card. Cut a long strand of crafting wire (if you cut too short don’t worry you’ll be able to add). I cut a 12 inch piece of wire. Wrap wire around bangle give several twists. Begin feeding your buttons onto wire adding seed bead to cover the wire. Repeat until you’ve added all your buttons.


Once completed your bangle will look like this. Now you’re ready to create your own bangle! Stack them, trade them.

Even though technically Spring is still a month away – there is no reason why you can’t start NOW!

Make sure to check out the NEW FLOWER GARDEN program. The projects are endless!

Happy Crafting!

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