Halloween Buttons

So what makes you think you should be working on Halloween projects? Could it be that stores are stocked to capacity with Halloween costumes, decorations oh yes and candy?  Well if that’s the case then get out the Halloween Buttons and start crafting!

To help you out I thought in today’s blog I’d show you some of our new Halloween buttons available out at Joann Fabric & Craft stores and hopefully get you in the mood to create! But make sure to check out our web site for some additional Halloween Buttons


  IMG_5499 (630x473)

Our Favorite Findings buttons again provides you with some great buttons from flat backs to chip boards and assorted themes…witches, ghosts, pumpkins, spiders, black cats…

IMG_5490 (375x500)

  Favorite Findings BIG Bag of Buttons:  these chipboard buttons (110 buttons per pack) will definitely be great to any addition of your paper crafting or how about including these in their “trick or treat” bags!

There are two themes to choose from:  Magic Spell 559002129 (purple and green) or Hocus Pocus 559002128 (orange and black). Below is a sampling of what you’ll receive – and within the pack there will be two assorted sizes.

IMG_5487   IMG_5488


 Our next group of Favorite Findings BIG Bag of Buttons will sure to be ghoulish to any craft project! These two groups are fun and bright…

Project ideas – think of having these as the spiders in that corner cob web – or better yet the “confetti” that you sprinkle on the table (easier to clean up). Table centerpiece décor…

Halloween Spiders 550002068 & Trick or Treat 550002073



IMG_5498 (630x473)

And what group isn’t complete with your traditional themes:  Witches Brew 550002114 – witches hat, boot, cauldron and of course witches on brooms!  550002115 Spooky Night – black and white skull heads in assorted sizes, ghosts and boo.  550002041 Pumpkin Buttons whimsy orange pumpkin buttons.  550002130 Orange & Black – what’s a Halloween project without some orange and black buttons!

Project ideas – scrapbooking – wreaths – wine charms (will show you in an upcoming blog)



But don’t forget to check out our other buttons that surely lend themselves to the Halloween theme…I’ve selected a few that I think would work great with your projects…

You can find these year round in our Favorite Findings Button line…

Halloween Night 550000091; Smiling Pumpkins 550001318; 550001194 Spider Mix


550000430 Black & White; 550000444 Mini Black & White; Big Bag of Buttons Tuxedo 550002005


Here are some great solid colors to create with… Crafting with Buttons

            Yellow 570000008; 570000031  Orange 570000009; 570000032                                  Purple 570000020; 570000036   White 570000027; 570000039                                        Black 570000028; 570000038


Button Jars – these of course come in assorted colors/shades – Marigold 540001010 (shades of orange); White 540001003; Black 540001004

Clamshell buttons great mix of colors if not for Halloween start thinking fall projects…Juicy Papaya 470002503.  Crafting with Buttons Ombre these “shades” of colors work with all projects so you’ll even have left overs for the next project –  Purple 470001110  Orange 470001103.  Want to add some dots…Crafting with Buttons Black Dot 470002212; Orange Dot 470002205


I think I can go on and on because everytime you turn around there seems to be another button that will work…Loving the “Skull” and “Lace” touch to Halloween – these will work…

Wuttons has a group of Skull buttons…Skull heads 640005749 (shown below) 640005751; Crafting with Buttons – Black Lace 470002808 (shown below) it’s also available in           White Lace 470002807

IMG_5510 (375x500)

Check out these Novelty buttons in the La Mode line…

Pumpkins 400049213; Pumpkin face 400049221; Metal Silver Skulls 400024800

IMG_5511 (630x473)

We also have JHB buttons…

Black Cheshire Cat 9600102800           Skull Head 9600024776

IMG_5512 (375x500)

Looking to “gem” up your project our Favorite Findings has a variety of gems…Black round gems 550001374 & 550001376 these can easily be sewn on or glued.

   IMG_5513 (500x375)

 Yes I’m showing you “Studs” believe it or not these make great accent embellishments which I will show you in an upcoming blog for Halloween – think pumpkins!

IMG_5514 (375x500)

I’m sure there are plenty more where these came from but hopefully I’ve gotten your Creativity flowing with possible ideas!

So what will you be creating this “Ghoulish” Halloween season?

Make sure to share your Halloween projects and hopefully it will inspire others to create!




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