Styrofoam Mini Christmas Trees!

I think I’m on a kick about Button Christmas Trees! The possibilities are endless…The other day I was in one of many of my favorite craft stores and of course my goal is NOT to pick up items that aren’t on my list – let me know if that actually works for anyone, especially around this time of the year! As I walked by the Styrofoam section there it was,  these mini cones by FloraCraft® – it was just calling out my name…So today I’m creating Styrofoam Mini Christmas Trees!

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I know from this picture they don’t look small they are approximately 2 3/4″ in size but it’s the perfect size for seating card (thanks Liane for the idea), ornament . or just as decoration around the house…

Materials: Favorite Findings Colors #1371 Red & Green
Favorite Findings Mini #440 Mini Christmas
Button Jars #540001009 Green & #540001006 Red
3 FloraCraft 2 3/4″ mini cones
red, green and white head pins
green paint and brush
red ribbon

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3 tree blog 004     1. paint the styrofoam green (or you can leave it white) this is your choice. Let this dry for atleast an hour or so.

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2. Work from the bottom – around – and up. You can double stack as you go along. At the end you can go back and fill in the empty spaces. As you can see in the photo below there are gaps – I can leave this since my cones are painted green – if these were white I would go back and fill in the space.

Tip: use the larger buttons on the bottom and then gradually go smaller

3 tree blog 008


3. Once you’ve reached the top make a bow – I used red ribbon – but you can use any color…repeat for the next two ornaments.

Tip: Since these pins are a bit long you may want to insert them in an angle either upward or downward.

3 tree blog 014 To create ornaments: using ribbon – make a loop – knot and with some glue add to end of knot and insert into styrofoam – let this dry secure with pins.

For place seating: use wire – you’ll need approximately 8 inches of wire create a loop on top as shown (keep moving it in circular direction) create name cards and insert into tree!

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